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What does it take to be the next NHL Hockey Player?

Remember when you were a youngster and you were watching Hockey with your friends, dad or family, wearing your favorite jersey and cheering on your favorite Hockey team? And hoping to be the next NHL Hockey player to win your team's jersey.


Are you wondering how do you go about becoming a National Hockey League player?


To become an NHL Hockey player, you will need to put in a lot of effort and training.


First and foremost, you must learn to skate.

If you can ‘dance gracefully’ over blocks of ice while keeping your eyes on the goal, then you have the basic stuff required to become that next rockstar NHL Hockey player.


Second, you must have various ‘-ing’ skills.

This is especially important for goalies who must catch pucks in a glove, but all players benefit from the hand-eye coordination that comes with catching.


Gliding, another wannabe NHL Hockey player’s must-have talents, is beneficial for balance and movement on an icy surface.


Jumping is an excellent way to increase lower-body strength and explosiveness.


Kicking can aid coordination in both targeting and striking an item, as well as lower body development.


Running is beneficial for improving lower-body strength and speed, as well as balance and lateral movement.


Striking is hitting an object with one's body or an object, such as a ball or puck with a stick. Try not to hit your co-players though, otherwise you’ll get the penalty from your referee.


Throwing skills improves targeting accuracy while also strengthening the upper body.


Third  is to understand how to put your gear on. Wear a Hockey helmet, pads, and skates.


There may not be much differentiating you from your competitors at times, especially early in your career. Someone who is easy to get along with and consistently shows up for training will have an advantage over someone who is equally skilled on the ice but sees training and people skills as duties to be tolerated rather than opportunities to improve.


The best you will set your mindset to be free from any distractions, always put your games in the best possible position to play your games. Always remember your goal; your big ‘why’ and your dream of being the next NHL Hockey player.


To be a good Hockey player, you must have a PASSION for success in your life. You must believe in yourself and your abilities to be confident. Optimism does not waste time dwelling on other players; instead, it teaches you to learn from your own and other people's mistakes. EXCELLENT TECHNIQUE i.e. proper technique is required for the development of any skill, not just in Hockey but in almost any sport. As the saying goes, "practice makes perfect," and this is especially true when a player is attempting to develop solid, foundational technique.


Once you win your Hockey jersey team, it is priceless; it is full of happiness, especially when you see your friends, family, and loved ones cheering for you wearing a Hockey jersey with your name and number. Always remember this is not the end of your road and amidst the pandemic you can still pursue your big dreams.



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